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Do you need data for your own software?

We deliver e-commerce data to selected partners.

Receive your own API endpoint to fetch products and stores data to enrich your app.

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We deliver personalized insights to e-commerce brands doing 1M+/year.

Insights help them enhance their product offering and stay on top of competitors and market trends.

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Waitt.. You said you track store sales.
How is that even possible?!

Yes, we do, and sales data is very accurate. We track sales of thousands of stores, down to which variants of a certain product are selling the most. In most cases, we also track restocks and returns.

How? We get this question a lot, so we decided to dedicate a whole section of the site to answer this question.

Is Cart useful if I'm dropshipping?
What if I source my own products?

Yes, Cart is useful whether you are dropshipping, doing print on demand or even creating your own products.

You can use it to discover products, get an understanding of what a store is selling, and find best-selling products.

Is this thing legit?

Definitely. We have 10 paying customers currently and 6 of them left us a positive review so far. We embrace transparency by sharing our app and revenue metrics with everyone. If you choose to buy Cart, you 100% support an indie maker. Cart is entirely built by one guy in Italy, not a big corporation.

What if I get stuck?

Glad you asked. We have a knowledge base with videos to help you understand all the features of Cart. We also have an awesome chat customer support, which is available 24/5 to get you unstuck =)