Don't guess what sells, know what sells.

Track and predict what people buy online using our exclusive e-commerce data sets and models.
Perfect for d2c e-commerce brands.

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Benefits of using our enterprise solutions

Identify early product trends in your industry

What’s next in the e-commerce industry is always changing, just like consumer behaviour is constantly changing, too.

Our cool hunting solution is a powerful information and measurement platform that provides market research and insights about what people buy online. By looking at what people buy at a large scale, our clients are able to predict product trends and jump on them early.

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Enhance current products with more variations

By looking at products you are already selling, our demand sensing platform is able to spot product patterns in your industry. Wondering if another color palette would sell more units of your product? We know.

Identify proven-to-sell complimentary products

Our clients are able to identify complimentary products that are already proven-to-sell in their target market. What other products are selling the most in your competitors’ stores that you don’t currently offer? What other products are people in your target market already purchasing?


Sales tracked, and counting.

Our technology

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Cart tracks Millions of Shopify stores to infer specific eCommerce insights like web sales, shipping volume and more.

Multi-stores organizations

Cart tracks and matches organizations that are running 5 or more stores.

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E-commerce data at your fingertips.

Sharpen your competitive edge by following nearly any store’s metrics.
Track stores, products, vendors, suppliers and more.