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Competitive insights about 1,304,414 e-commerce brands

Discover products they sell, SKUs, vendors, traffic stats, social stats, marketing campaigns, marketing plugins and more.


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Product-level insights include sales volume, launches, and categories. Search 11,145,865 products by keyword across all stores.

We tracked 5887 sales, and that's just in the last 7 days.

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Imagine being able to jump on trending new products before your competitors do.

Cart detects high-level trends crossing data from millions on products and Google Trends™.

You can also spot and track your own trends, both seasonal and not.


Discover more relevant data around your e-commerce industry

Discover worldwide physical suppliers information. Our database has vetted suppliers that we mapped from all over the world including Europe, Asia and United States.

Keep track of your competitors' next moves by monitoring news. Cart tracks hundreds of e-commerce news in your industry per week, which then get categorized by context.


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「This tool is amazing. I upgraded to the pro plan, and I was able to pay for it with just 1 extra sale.」

Fabio Mikhail, Dropshipper

「Spoke to support which helped me fix some issues with my account. Support was very quick to response and willing to help me.」

Owner, LoveLuve Shop

「I've made 2 sales already with a product I found on Cart and have already made my money back on the starter plan.」

Rob Ungar, Marketer

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True e-commerce sales tracking vs estimates

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Why our competitors are selling unreliable sales data

Top Shopify dropshipping stores

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