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You'll see the following product-level insights in your competitor report:

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  • Bamboo Sheet Set..
    1859 units sold
    US$ 578.1K


    Discover stores that are growing fast

    We monitor several indicators of Shopify stores from the moment they get online so that we can track how they perform over time.

    See what the most growing stores are, what they are selling, and replicate their success. Specifically, in your report you'll see:

  • Traffic info (visitors)
  • Traffic trends
  • Case studies and data analysis from our blog

    $100k+/month selling no-content books, journals and card games

    Mike Rubini

    In the second instalment of our Selling Well series, we focus on a store garnering plenty of sales selling no-content journals and card games.

    $10k+/day selling dog beds

    Mike Rubini

    This is a new series where we cover products that are already selling well based on our exclusive e-commerce data sets and models. Today we are discussing dog beds and dog mats.

    Top Shopify dropshipping stores

    Mike Rubini

    List of some of the best Shopify dropshipping stores out there.

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