November 7th, 2019
by Mike Rubini, Founder @,

Welcome to Selling Well.

This is a new series where we cover products that are already selling well based on our exclusive e-commerce data sets and models. Today we are discussing dog beds and dog mats.

We have a currently more of 1000+ products related to dog beds and mats.
You can check out these products by searching them inside our platform at all times, but here are some of them:

Ez Wash Memory Foam Dog Bed Tan Houndstooth

Jormel Pet Products Dog Beds Mats Pet Bed Puppy Pad Dog Benc

Jormel Dog Bed Mat House Pad Warm Winter Pet House Nest Dog

Frenchie World™ Orthopedic Dog Bed

Warm Fleece Dog Beds

Frenchie World King Dog Bed
Initially, these kind of dog products stood out because of a single store that is selling over $150k/m of a particular dog bed. Specifically, an orthopedic dog bed.

This store is:
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    Store selling dog beds® has recently started. Formerly, it was called The first big lesson is that the store owners have now niched their store down to only sell products around dog beds specifically.

    This is clear if you look at the former store description: "Treat a Dog is a one stop shop for everything dog!" versus the current store description: "Top rated orthopedic dog bed provides the best memory foam dog bed support for your pet's joints. Our pet beds are great for injured or older dogs with arthritis."

    They have currently 50 products around dog bets at this time, mostly added on August 2019. The average product value is currently ~$125, with the most expensive product selling for $270 and the least expensive product selling for $15.

    They use remarketing on Google and Facebook, and use Hotjar to track customers' behaviour on the site. On Facebook, they built a page with over 200,000 likes, and they also use Twitter. They also have an Instagram page which has reached almost 50k followers.

    They seem to be using a tool called Rise Ai to handle git cards on the store.

    Their best selling product is a curve orthopedic dog bed in white color, which sells discounted for $119 (full price: $324).

    In the last 30 days, we tracked 1455 units sold (which account for ~$173k overall). The product sells at all times, but it sells far better in the weekend as you can see from the graph below. This is consistent with almost all of their products.

    They only target the US market specifically, which they market to using Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as using the audience network and messenger placements on Facebook. They use video and image ads like these:

    🎃Don’t let this Halloween Sale fly away 🦇
    👉Take 70% Off TODAY ONLY 🚨
    No other dog bed has...
    🐕luxury-grade memory foam
    🐩washable top & waterproof inner cover
    🐶designs to match any style

    Treat your pup to the ultimate dog bed this BLACK FRIDAY! Premium human grade memory foam and a removable/washable faux fur cover. The world's best dog bed, now ON SALE!

    As you can see, they market (like you should) around holidays like Halloween and e-commerce events like the Black Friday.

    Interestingly for Halloween, they created a landing page that is not on Shopify to kind of guide the user to the product he/she wanted to buy. They do this for other products as well, with landing pages like this and this. They also experiment with Fb canvas from time to time.

    In the 7 days, this store sold ~$66k worth of just their core products, dog beds. That's about ~$10k/day. And it's not even counting their complimentary products: car seat covers, waterproof blankets and safety belts.

    Is this a trend you can ride?

    Yes, definitely. Interest in the last 5 years in terms of Google searches for "dog bed" has been averaging 55%, rising 1% month over month and it is consistent throughout the year (not seasonal).

    Courtesy of

    The same positive trend can be seen for the keyword "orthopedic dog bed" which has been averaging an interest of ~38%, and increasing month over month ~0.7%

    Courtesy of

    The best keywords to bid on in this space are: orthopedic dog bed large, large dog bed, best orthopedic dog bed, memory foam dog bed, serta orthopedic dog bed, top paw orthopedic dog bed, best orthopedic dog bed arthritis, best orthopedic dog bed with bolster, waterproof orthopedic dog bed, cooling dog bed.

    Obviously if you decide to play with SEO, there's a lot of content that can be produced around these topic.

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