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Cart is an e-commerce information and measurement platform that provides market research and insights about what people buy online. It is a pure-play SaaS I started in Dec 2017.

It is profitable from day one, and completely bootstrapped.

The product is currently used by ~100 b2b companies, typically dropshippers and d2c brands, and more than 4,000 of them have signed up over the last years.

We have a self-serve version of the software as well as an enterprise version to fit different sizes of b2b companies we serve. Our self-serve solution mostly serves small to medium sizes businesses while our enterprise solutions serve e-commerce merchants who make at least 1M/year.

This JV will focus on our self-serve solution which is available at

Cart is a fully self-serve and low touch platform. We do also offer a 24-hours chat support service which helps to both convert leads and prospective buyers, and retain current customers.

If you are an affiliate and you would like to try the platform before promoting it, please email me at [email protected].

Please also see F.A.Q. here:

Cart currently has one plan: the Starter Plan.

The starter plan gives a ton of value to the end user, giving him access to all the key features of Cart for $49/month

At this point there is no Free plan and no free trial for the reasons highlighted here, but we are willing to discuss. For the same reasons, we have a strict no refund policy.

This might change in the future, so always refer to the current plans offered here:

The product is already validated as it made over $30k in revenue over these years. We acquired current customers through organic traffic and growth hacking techniques. Best of all, we didn’t use any paid advertising to have the current traction, and we are very confident this product will sell well.

As transparency is one of our core principles, we are VERY open with numbers since we started. You can find *live* app and revenue numbers here: - Heck, we even have these publicly available by API:

If you need further data points, just ask.

What we offer to affiliates

  • 50% after VAT lifetime
    You get 50% lifetime recurring commissions after VAT. That means you get 50% of $49 for each sale you generate, for the whole period that the customer you refer stays with us.

  • 1 Week Payments
    We offer you payments every week. That means we are willing to take a loss if the customer chargebacks. Because of this, please make sure your traffic quality is good. If you prove to be a good partner for us, we can go as far as delivering instant payments through Stripe via API.

  • Easy platform to track conversions
    We use rewardful, which marks the customer you refer directly into the payment gateway we use, Stripe. It also offer a very intuitive platform to track leads and conversions.

  • Top-Notch Marketing Material

    • Videos: For now we have one video here, but more are in the process of being recorded.

    • Blog posts: Please refer to these blog posts for ispiration:

    • Landings: We can work with you to craft the perfect landings you need. Sample landings we have come up with for lead gen include this one and this one. We also have comparison pages like this one and this one.

    • Brand Colors: If you want to make your own landings, feel free to use our brand kit to use the right logo as well as the same colors we use so that the prospective buyer can transition smoothly from your landing to Cart.

    • Feedback/Testimonials: We are definitely trying to do a better job colleting testimonials, and you can use the ones we have collected from real users of the platform so far:

    • Custom Audiences: We can also provide custom audiences in CSV format of: historic buyers of the product, people who signed up to the newsletter, people in dropshipping-related groups on Facebook.

  • 24/5 Customer Support / Call Center
    We offer a 24-hours chat support service which helps to both convert leads and prospective buyers, and retain current customers. We also have a toll free number which customers can use to speak to us directly.

What we expect from affiliates

Read carefully before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to do the following things if approved for the affiliate program. By doing any of the following, you will be terminated from the program and agree that any commissions will be forfeited without recourse:

  1. You are NOT permitted to conduct e-mail promotions in a 3rd party system - all e-mail contacts MUST be your OWN opt in e-mail list. You cannot buy solo ads, use safe lists, use spam or anything similar.

  2. You must NOT run "negative" PPC or iframe domain campaigns such as "Product name / author name scam" or any other method to attract controversial click thru rates that an ordinary person would deem to portray a negative view of the product. This creates a very bad image for our company and the individuals featured in the products and you will be terminated from the program instantly.

  3. You should avoid using the raw affiliate link if you can. All affiliates are encouraged to utilise RE-direct links in e-mails and website campaigns and not the direct affiliate link you will receive. This increases conversions for both of us. (But ultimately the choice is up to you)

  4. You CANNOT earn commission on your own purchase. Any 'self' purchase commission may be nullified or held back.Things you CAN do (subject to change without notice - please check back here regularly)

  5. iFrames, review sites and cloaked domains are permitted as long as they do not contain offensive or negative domain URLs.

  6. We run a legitimate business, which means that we always correctly illustrate and represent our product/s and their features and benefits to the customer. Please make sure you do the same. Anyone found using misleading claims, inaccurate information or false testimonials (or anything that does not comply with FTC guidelines) will have their affiliate account revoked immediately.

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