This week in e-commerce, February 23, 2020

Mike Rubini

Here is what happened this week, February 17-23 2020, in the e-commerce world.

Angage is now Cart!

Mike Rubini

We just rebranded to

Selling well: $10k+/day selling dog beds

Mike Rubini

This is a new series where we cover products that are already selling well based on our exclusive e-commerce data sets and models. Today we are discussing dog beds and dog mats.

True e-commerce sales tracking vs estimates

Mike Rubini

Why our competitors are selling unreliable sales data

Top Shopify dropshipping stores

Mike Rubini

List of some of the best Shopify dropshipping stores out there.

What is cool hunting?

Mike Rubini

Introducing our platform for cool hunters

Alternatives to Angage Dropshipping & POD Solution

Mike Rubini

Discussing some of our best competitors

Announcing our partnership with Treendly

Mike Rubini

In an ongoing effort to provide the best service to store owners and dropshippers, we partnered with Treendly.

Our open metrics

Mike Rubini

At Angage, we are embracing transparency and openness by sharing our app and revenue metrics with everyone.

Top Vendors

Mike Rubini

We take a look at what vendors are most used by stores.

Top Shopify themes

Mike Rubini

We take a look at what Shopify themes are most used by stores.

Top free dropshipping suppliers

Mike Rubini

To have success in dropshipping, you need to deal with a reliable supplier. Here are the top free dropshipping suppliers across the world.

5 things that make online brands successful

Pat Walls

Pat from, explains many common themes about what makes an online brand successful.

Trends of a season: Summer 2018

Mike Rubini

In this issue, we analyze high-level trends that are emerging from transactions of 50,000 stores and a catalog of ~6M products.

These are trends emerging this summer!

How makes Millions dropshipping

Mike Rubini

The famous is one of those e-commerce stores that is doing really well online.

The guys behind it are doing a very well job by intercepting demand for gadgets. In fact, they are doing so well that multiple stores tried to copy the same concept.

GDPR changes

Mike Rubini

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is approaching and will set the bar high in regards to protecting the integrity of the individual in the EU. Angage is currently working with preparing our business for compliance. This post is intended to give our customers an update on our current status in regards to GDPR.