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The famous is one of those e-commerce stores that is doing really well online.

The guys behind it are doing a very well job by intercepting demand for gadgets. In fact, they are doing so well that multiple stores tried to copy the same concept. The same guys actually run 5 stores that I know:

  • - making probably 4M/year, they do 1 order every 4 or 5 minutes!
  • - another good one focused on women beauty.
  • - making probably 1M/year.
  • - focused on mobile stuff.
  • - focused on watches.

  • All the stores have different target markets. Dudegadgets is focused on a male audience, while is mainly focus on women. Kwikcharger is just focusing on selling chargers and electronics by actually rebranding products from Aliexpress.

    A quick peek at stores traffic

    While the design reflects the target market, each store has a pretty minimal approach. I would say their secreat weapon is not the design or some fancy plugin but the process they use to do research and the way they run ads (more on this later).

    The traffic for all three stores is substantial, from 50k visits per month on the low end to a whopping 2M visits per month.

    A quick peek at stores sales

    As I mentioned in the video, Cart also tracks sales of a lot of stores, and is one of them. As we check sales every 4 hours and dudegadgets does 1 sale every 4-5 minutes, it is possible that we miss some sales but still that gives you a pretty good understanding of how much money they make.

    Also, if you are on a paid plan you can see exactly what products are selling the most on the store.
    N.B. We track real sales of people who buy so these are real estimates.

    Team, Systems and Processes

    What does it take to run multiple dropshipping businesses doing millions per year? The answer is: a lot of systems, processes and outsourcing. And this is what we are talking about in this section, taking a look at the exact systems and processes the guys behind dudegadgets use.

    This section is only available to customers on a paid plan.

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    I really hope this article is useful for many of you who are starting to dropship as well as for the ones who are doing well and are now starting to think about putting a proper structure in place.

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