by Mike Rubini, Founder @

In an ongoing effort to provide the best service to store owners and dropshippers, we partnered with Treendly.

Treendly is a startup that tracks world trends and sends daily reports to its users about peaks and downs of those trends. (@

We all know how important is to track trends in the e-commerce industry. We were already doing that since we started and in fact, we even issue quarterly updates on seasonal trends like the one we did for Summer 2018.

Now, thanks to this partnership, it will be even easier for our users to track e-commerce trends!

Our users, on all plans, can now:
  • Search trends right from our trends page.

  • Follow and unfollow trends in their own personal area, dedicated to this.

  • Browse high-level trends we regularly spot on millions of products.

  • Easily find products related to any trend.

For the love of data,
Mike Rubini
Founder @ Cart

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